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First in everything we do

SOKOL provides their customer with the utmost in quality food manufacturing.  From the bench top formulation to packaging and storage facilities, SOKOL enables a wide variety of specialty needs.

In order to provide you with the best we maintain a Kosher-approved processing facility and are certified SQF.

Our quality assurance begins with comprehensive, rigorous review of incoming raw materials and continues through manufacturing with routine sampling and testing for proper pH levels, viscosity, color, flavor, microbial testing and sensory testing. The result is a delicious product of impeccable quality for our customers and yours.

Quality Management: SafetyChain

We utilize the cutting-edge food quality management software SafetyChain to improve our productivity by maximizing your profits and ensuring compliance to the highest industry standard food safety rules.

SafetyChain’s easy-to-use platform allows real-time notifications and analysis as well as smart capture on custom built forms, reducing the time and clutter of traditional paper document management and streamlining the process of quality assurance and food safety in the manufacturing of your products.

SafteyChain helps us to ensure your quality food product is built to your specifications and your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Since its implementation, we have decreased our use of paper forms, eliminating confusion and inefficient physical paper trails. Sokol Custom Food Ingredient’s form count used in production has increased to over 120 forms, improving production analysis and creating better visibility than prior data management processes.

Our experienced Quality Assurance team is excited about the streamlined automated process SafetyChain’s software has provided. It organizes records and SQF documents making them more accessible and safer ensuring your product is compliant to the highest standard.