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Can you produce dry blends?

No, we are primarily a wet-fill manufacturer. We’re happy to work with ingredients or pieces of a larger project but can’t do dry ingredients. Learn more about our wet-fill capabilities here.

Can your sauces include particulates?

Yes, we can include particulates up to ½ inch.

Can you use my formula?

Yes, we love working with existing formulas as much as we love working from scratch. In fact, we have over 125 years of experience in the food industry— we’ve seen and formulated almost everything.

Can you create a formula from scratch?

Yes, our team is dedicated to innovation and finding ways to make our customers’ formulation dreams a reality. Check out a list of our recent innovations here.

Can you match my formula?

Yes, this is one of our favorite types of projects. Bring us a formula you want to emulate, and we can help you turn it into your very own product.

Do you have any sauces I can purchase off the shelf?

Yes, we offer a small selection of sauces, along with bulk ingredients like almond paste and anchovy. Everything else is a custom project. Contact us to learn more about our current offerings or to start a custom project today.

Can you ship anywhere in the country?

Yes, we’re able to ship goods to all fifty states.