Serving the food industry for over 125 years, Sokol has made a name for itself as a trusted wet fill manufacturer and package expert. And nothing says ‘expert’ like the ability to create a custom formulation from scratch or recreate an existing formulation, making it an integral part of your brand. Your unique ideas deserve a long-lasting and strategic partnership that sees your products through to commercialization. At Sokol, you can rely on our friendly and nimble team to help you achieve a top-quality product.


If you’ve worked with us before, you’ll know that we approach each project with a can-do attitude. No idea is too big when you’re working with our team—the perfect blend of friendly, nimble and strategic. From America’s favorite flavors to the most exotic, Sokol can help you stay ahead of the culinary curve. What makes us different:

  • Utmost quality in food manufacturing
  • Enhanced product development
  • Quality assurance with a rigorous review of raw materials
  • Bench top formulation
  • Wide variety of specialty needs


The entire production process involves many critical steps. By handling and distributing several national brands for over a century, Sokol has proven unrivaled experience in delivering custom wet fill products and efficient packaging to meet your brand specifications. The result is a delicious product made with incredible care for our customers and yours.


Sokol makes it easy to develop and deliver superior products that will give you an edge in the marketplace. There isn’t an idea we haven’t seen or tried, and with our successful history in food formulation, Sokol is prepared to take on your unique challenges. In fact, some of America’s most-admired brands rely on Sokol’s SQF-certified processing facility for the utmost quality.


Tap into decades of experience in custom recipe development when you choose to partner with Sokol. Our culinary experts can help you navigate the shifting trends in the food landscape as well as develop a quality formula that consumers will love. Using cutting-edge food quality management software that improves our productivity, we’re able to successfully comply with the highest standards in food safety while ensuring you achieve profitability.