Anchovy Products

certified savory anchovy products

Anchovy Products

Fish Sauce

Fish Sauce is the main flavoring in Southeast Asian foods. Nam Pla and Nuoc Mam are commonly used in dipping sauces, appetizers, soups and entrees. Our Certified Savory anchovy products are cured for one year. They have excellent amino acid profiles and provide a rich, full and delicious umami taste.

  • 20 Degree Fish Sauce – a world standard

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Anchovy Paste

Anchovy Paste is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine and is a major component of the Caesar flavor profile. Anchovies used in Certified Savory anchovy products are cured for six months or more and have been selected for their savory qualities and minimal fishiness.

Anchovy Powder

Anchovy Powder is perfect for dry seasoning applications where anchovy is required. This product is freeze-dried fish sauce and has good paste-like flavor rendering.


Standard Packaging

20 Degree* Fish Sauce

Grade A Standard
Packed in 537 pound drums
Item #6225

Anchovy Powder

All the umami taste of fish sauce…
Without the volatile flavor and odor components
Item #6095 50 pound case

* designates total nitrogen in grams per liter

Custom Packaging

Sokol and Company has the ability to fill a wide variety of packages. Please contact us to discuss your special needs.