Custom Food Packaging

Custom food packaging with beauty & functionality

Quality products deserve quality packaging. At Sokol Custom Food Ingredients we offer a variety of custom food packaging. From pouches to 50-gallon drums, let the experts at Sokol Custom Foods help find the perfect packaging for your product.

Custom Sauce Pouching

Pouching hugely reduces the weight of your finished product. This greatly shrinks transportation and freight costs. With more economical shapes, pouches also represent great savings in storage space needed and easier handling of your products.

Learn why you should choose custom sauce pouches!

Bulk Packaging

We have a wide variety of bulk packaging available to meet your needs. Pails, drums, and totes are available for industrial ingredient applications. We also supply bag-in-box, high-barrier PVDC chubs, and standard #10 tin cans.

Interested in finding a bulk packaging solution? Tell us about your bulk packaging needs!

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