610 Blend Info

610 Blend® for a Better Tasting Caesar

Caesars, Yesterday and Today

Ten years ago SOKOL Custom Food Ingredients, the anchovy leader, introduced the next generation industrial standard, the 610 Blend®. The Caesar dressing flavor continues to increase in popularity and is now crossing over to marinades, appetizer dips and sandwich spreads. Whether you’re improving an existing dressing formula or developing one of these next generation applications, the new 610 Blend® will make your products taste better.

Umami Functionality

Salt-cured anchovy contains functional levels of naturally occurring amino acids and nucleotides. These compounds make foods taste delicious because they appeal to your 5th taste sense, umami. The 610 Blend® utilizes selected anchovy products for maximum umami expression.

The Science behind Synergy

The graph below shows how minute quantities of the nucleotide IMP greatly amplifies the umami taste of individual amino acids. The 610 Blend® was created to take advantage of amino acid /nucleotide synergy. As a result, your products get a more intense umami taste…more delicious!

The Taste Preferred By Chefs

A panel of professional R&D Chefs performed a double-blind taste test on Creamy Caesar dressings made with standard anchovy paste or the 610 Blend®. Superior functionality made the 610 Blend® the winner by unanimous consent.


  • Improved umami flavor enhancement
  • Eliminates unwanted oxidized fishy flavors
  • Directly replaces current anchovy products
  • Space efficient, resealable 25 pound Bag in Box package
  • Flowable product dispenses through spout
  • No refrigeration required